About, writer, writing, editing and learning. Both writer and reader need to be learning as the process continues…

The fact that I’ve written 3 books doesn’t make or break anything but I do have some cred under my belt. I’ve had a lot of people tell me congratulations on the fact that I’ve written two novels and a self-help example which I call “To Blog.” I wanted everyone to like my books but it seems I need a miracle in getting people to want the books. My first which is “Kawhocumdia” a sci-fi that was written because of an experience that I had which led me to wonder about the possibility that aliens do exist. And, they are visiting us here on earth. I know, that makes me someone trying to capitalize on what is already a hot item. No, I’m just another person having the experience that a lot of people wish they had. I would like to say that it is something that I am really glad happened but to tell the truth it is not such a great thing. See, I wasn’t even going to go there until just now. That’s the way writing is, you think one thing one day and another day you have been proven wrong by an experience that no one can prove but they can never take the experience away from you. Even if you are not believed you and God knows what you went through. You put it down on paper or in you computer and it hits you like a ton of bricks. So, there you have it. I’m a witness to an alien siteing or at least that’s what other experts have told me. And what I thought in the beginning about the 7 lights that I thought were space ships in formation and now I’m told by another person who owns a book store that sells alien matieral that said he saw the same kind of lights but he has talked with other people and they all say it is one ship. I know I will probably write more on this some day but for now I’m writing about Maggie and I. To find out more about my book, “Kawhocumdia” go to http://www.amazon.com/author/donaldhensonkawhocumdia

This site is not just about me. It’s about finding myself as a writer. Good luck on your writing.


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