How To Dream

Way to go! Now you’ve got it. Some people help when they can. Others just don’t have anything to give. You’ve got to understand that. Don’t expect. Don’t feed yourself with need. Empty your mind to exceed your expectation of what it is that you want. Did you ever feel the drive in you going to a place in your mind that you knew was uncharted territory? Did you ever go beyond the point of no return. Have you ever left it all behind to live your dream and forget the property, forget the Cadillac, forget what you were thinking was important and go for it?

Here we are broke again, in debt, in love, involved with other people, praying and asking God to help, thinking about heading to the mountains and building a log cabin, what’s it called? Homesteading? You pick a place in the mountains where no one else lives, nothing but the wilderness and you and your mate. Your love. Simply put, where you hang your hat. Where you build you fire! Camp out for a while, dreaming of this place  you’ve found that will be your home, till you die. Have you? It’s a start! I’m a writer. I know it now. Crazy as it may sound, you are my only link to the past. I started before I left. Writing that is. I feel like you are my best friend. Or maybe, one of them. I know God and Jesus are here. Where we are! Without them there is no hope.

Listen to the wind blow! How cold it is outside! You can feel it blowing right through your bones. I’ve got to get going now. I have front wheels to align. I can do it. Thanks. I know you are always there.



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