“From Point “A” to Point “B”! And How I Got There”!

      Everybody was so worried, I didn’t know how to keep them from it. I was never intending to disrupt your lives the way they were. You will have to forgive me now, I’m 70. No you won’t, me being older doesn’t change the facts, I was incorrigible. Well, maybe not all of the time. It just seemed to come and go after what I was put through. And, the influences that were not my fault. I can’t even understand to this day why it was to be the way that it was, but it was and that’s it. Most people would say, “Well, he turned out okay didn’t he?” Well, I think I was okay from the beginning. I had my moments but I always thought it wasn’t me that had the problem. It was just a few maybe more than a few but they were on the prowl for me anyway. I don’t know what their motives were either now that I know a few things I didn’t know back then. Oh, back then, that would be when I was a teen. Why did I have long hair? Why did I wear the clothes that I wore? Why did I use the profane words that I used? I spent a lot of time dodging and escaping from all of the people my age and I’m kinda sorry for that but I just didn’t know what to say most of the time. Look! I’m not the genius you think I am. I’m saying I was just an ordinary teen or kid well maybe Genius? I know. I don’t really think you should ever have to stop being a child, you just have to be a child that is responsible and understands others have those same responsibilities. You can not do it alone, you have to share this planet with other people. You helping them and they helping you! Let’s jump right to the chase, I made it here by the grace of God. And I was put here by God. I will live here on this earth until God takes me home. The planet will carry on by God and we will have made our mark on no matter how big or how small. I don’t want to have to say things like, “think about it” I don’t want to have to tell you anything that makes me sound like I don’t appreciate you, because I do, and no matter who you are or where you came from, I believe God is working His plan through you. My name is Donald Earl Henson. I am the author of a sci-fi novel titled “Kawhocumdia.” I have written a murder mystery titled, “The Bunny Trail Murder.” There is also a short book of some of the things I’ve written on my blog titled, “To Blog.” I’m now working on a novel titled, “How Far is the Sound of Love” which tell about Maggie and I. I don’t want to give any of it away but I hope you will start watching for it and keep it in mind to put on your reading list. Thank you and have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.


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