One Year Ago Today, Where were You?

The thought came to me. How am I going to live without her now that I know she wants me back? After 50 years and so much had happened to us. Sometimes making the easiest choice is the hardest. I guess I need to explain that. It would have been so easy for me to have gone anywhere with Maggie if I had known she would have me and that she was available. She had loved me all of those years and I didn’t know it. I didn’t even know I had loved her from the beginning. Knowing what love is can make the difference in the love that you have and be being able to recognise what you have is what you want and need. She will always be what she always was, first and last. The moment she took me by the hand and led me upstairs to her room, I can’t explain it all because it was too magically delicious. Too mystifying for conventional wisdom in a 19-year-old, and now my memory is all that I have to express it. So, I’m not going to let some, (me), old guy ruin the romantic posture the love we made be given some half-charted course on just some story about another Romeo and Juliet. Now I live my life in the frozen time of some 50-49-48 or 47 years ago because we should have made it back together. It is working so awesomely, I still pinch myself to make sure it’s real and not a dream. I know, incredible right? Wow, to term a phrase so wackily put by John Denver. He just had to express himself, didn’t he? Sorry about that John D fans. May he rest in peace. God, I think he would have loved this. Far out man! Happy One Year Anniversary Baby! My Love! My Everything!


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