That City Out There…

You see that city out there? You can become part of it or you can be buried by it. It will eat you and you will never be found. I have tried to stay as calm as I can during all my trials and errors. I have tried to learn all that I can by reading everything I can about the subject. That being publishing and advertising after the book is written. The authors that have made it and they can’t even write use to pull at my craw and tangle my fancy footwork that I have been given naturally by the naturalist Himself, God. I know that sounds a little like an egotist barking about his own reach for glory and fame. Well, not really. Yes, I do want the success of being a famous author/writer and all that good stuff that comes with it. What I don’t want is the devil in my pocket or me in the devils. I can write but you see that is not all that it takes to become a paid author or a New York Times Best Selling Author. For the time that it takes for you to read this post another author will probably make it to the top of the heap. Not by his book going viral on FB or by him being just the greatest writer in the world or his content being the most interesting story ever written but simply by another cheap trick to make a lot of money by a lot of people. I’ve had the time in the trenches where I do a lot of posting on free ad places and websites that claim to spread your ad far and wide. But to bring me around again to another year of nothing. I do appreciate the attempts by a few friends and family to help the poor boy out by buying these books that are written about nonsensical things, I really do. Everyone have a great wonderful Thanksgiving.


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