“The Study of Murder” Cont’d.

I am pulled over by a police officer, he steps out of his car quickly pulls his service revolver, points it dead straight at me and at that moment I know my life is his and it is up to God, me, and the police officer on what happens to my life. Who else is it up to? Is it a witness that is there and can be the one to tell the story about how you did everything that you were supposed to do but the officer gunned you down in cold blood. Or, maybe a neighbor down the street that has been involved in protesting the deadly force that was used in taking down a suspect that was said to be carrying a gun. There again, deadly force against the police. But you are scared and you are told to step out of the car with your hands in the air where they can be seen. Are you going to think, well, the police have been really treating people rough lately and I think I’ll just assert my rights here and tell that police I’m going to have to think about it? What?!! This officer doesn’t know you from Adam. He has been led to believe you are a threat or he wouldn’t be drawing down on you in the first place. So what do you do but try and make the situation escalate to a probably you are toting a weapon, it doesn’t matter at this point if you went through the proper channels to get it registered or not, you are staring down the barrel of either a 38 revolver or God knows what they will be carrying these days. So, you think the officer needs a little nudge to put a little pressure on that trigger he has been holding back on touching because he has to have been trained to stand-by on the ready until he sees  that  you are going to give him some shit about your rights, because you have heard it is us against them. Bull _____. He is a human being that has the job of protecting people’s rights. If he is out to get you with this weapon pointing at you unless you are one of the criminals that we need to be protected from, don’t you think a prayer silently while he decides whether to blow your can away or not would be appropriate about now.

This is not about the abuse of a police officer toward you. This is about your life and how you want the outcome to turn out. Do you want to take the chance that this police officer holding your life in his hands is maniacal? Or do you want to give God a chance and pray that you are a quick study and you can take orders from the police officer with the precise understanding of what the officer tells you to do? Let me say it this way, help yourself by helping the police officer get the matter cleared up with as much understanding of what his job is as humanly possible. Attitude? What the ____ does you getting an attitude at a time when your life could be taken away in an instant have to do with it. What? Is it your rep you are trying to preserve. What rep will you have if you die? I hope this clears it up to those of you that are confused about why some accidents happen, if you want to do something about crime no matter where it is coming from then don’t do one. Help the police to resolve issues when they are between you and the police, don’t give them something to worry about you by doing something to assert your rights. When you have a gun drawn on you, it’s plain and simple, you are under investigation.




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