The Study of Murder

Who studies murder? I’m just about to reveal all that there is to know about the murder and how it’s done. From the goriest details to the very depths of the murderer’s mind. The intricate details that the ones that get away never forget. The how they got to the depravity in the first place to the reasons that they get away with it for so long. The ins and outs of murder defense from the judicial side of the trial and from what the manipulating defense lawyers pull on the public to get murderers off scot-free. How about it? Are you wanting to know more? First, we have to do a little study beyond what we already know. Answer a few questions. Draw up a rough draft. Make an outline for the book. (Or story). Delve into the places you never want to go back to after you’ve been there and see or learn how bad these characters make you feel. Yes, we are going to get to the bottom of this once and for all.

If you have anything to say or any comments, feel free.


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