Cont’d. The Study of Murder.

I went to sleep Okay but the lingering thoughts came drifting back into my consciousness. I became aware again early in the morning of the problem we face. So many people spend their lives dedicated to solving this problem. Yet, we still are overwhelmed with Mass Murder that is resolute of the terrorist and their band of following copy-cats. When we say anything about terrorist it has the word Muslim attached to it. Now, there is another yet just as terrorising factor that plagues our country. An American terrorist. Just as contagious because of delirium and media frenzy brought on by the popularity contest of the bad boys, delivered to us each day as another way to be famous and get rich. Not always true but sometimes they still get away with it and live to bring about more destruction by their very existence. I did not scream upon waking from my sleep, fighting the machine-gun fire as the bullets riveted through my body. I know it didn’t happen this time but I also know it will happen again. Conquering your fears does not always mean stopping its return.

You don’t have to comment but please, think about it.



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