Not subject to change, what?

I can’t remember when it was but I do know that the Beatles had a song out titled, “Paperback Writer,” but I dreamed of being one. I can only keep going now because the mental process has already begun. I want you to know that it is my best quest, now there’s a word to think about, I’ll say it again, “Best Quest,” Wow. I’m a writer, I have a forum. A place. Consider this, you will never know unless you can reproduce the mental process that I went through how it feels. How it feels, think about it. Being a writer and writer just for the fun of it. Nobody stopping you or telling you what to do or what you can or can’t think about the subject, Wow. Yea, really. That’s it.

Now, you think about yourself, about writing and what you have always wanted to do with your life. Was it rewarding? Was it exactly what you wanted? Are you sure you can do this and be happy beyond happy? This feeling of wealth because you have the knowledge of how to do it. To start be childish if you desire. Be reckless if you want. Be careful if you are careful in life but don’t get stuck in the not, any adventure, no experimental wondering about does this work or does this move me or someone else. Now, just stop and let what you’ve said shine, or not.


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