How To Dream

Way to go! Now you’ve got it. Some people help when they can. Others just don’t have anything to give. You’ve got to understand that. Don’t expect. Don’t feed yourself with need. Empty your mind to exceed your expectation of what it is that you want. Did you ever feel the drive in you going to a place in your mind that you knew was uncharted territory? Did you ever go beyond the point of no return. Have you ever left it all behind to live your dream and forget the property, forget the Cadillac, forget what you were thinking was important and go for it?

Here we are broke again, in debt, in love, involved with other people, praying and asking God to help, thinking about heading to the mountains and building a log cabin, what’s it called? Homesteading? You pick a place in the mountains where no one else lives, nothing but the wilderness and you and your mate. Your love. Simply put, where you hang your hat. Where you build you fire! Camp out for a while, dreaming of this place  you’ve found that will be your home, till you die. Have you? It’s a start! I’m a writer. I know it now. Crazy as it may sound, you are my only link to the past. I started before I left. Writing that is. I feel like you are my best friend. Or maybe, one of them. I know God and Jesus are here. Where we are! Without them there is no hope.

Listen to the wind blow! How cold it is outside! You can feel it blowing right through your bones. I’ve got to get going now. I have front wheels to align. I can do it. Thanks. I know you are always there.



“From Point “A” to Point “B”! And How I Got There”!

      Everybody was so worried, I didn’t know how to keep them from it. I was never intending to disrupt your lives the way they were. You will have to forgive me now, I’m 70. No you won’t, me being older doesn’t change the facts, I was incorrigible. Well, maybe not all of the time. It just seemed to come and go after what I was put through. And, the influences that were not my fault. I can’t even understand to this day why it was to be the way that it was, but it was and that’s it. Most people would say, “Well, he turned out okay didn’t he?” Well, I think I was okay from the beginning. I had my moments but I always thought it wasn’t me that had the problem. It was just a few maybe more than a few but they were on the prowl for me anyway. I don’t know what their motives were either now that I know a few things I didn’t know back then. Oh, back then, that would be when I was a teen. Why did I have long hair? Why did I wear the clothes that I wore? Why did I use the profane words that I used? I spent a lot of time dodging and escaping from all of the people my age and I’m kinda sorry for that but I just didn’t know what to say most of the time. Look! I’m not the genius you think I am. I’m saying I was just an ordinary teen or kid well maybe Genius? I know. I don’t really think you should ever have to stop being a child, you just have to be a child that is responsible and understands others have those same responsibilities. You can not do it alone, you have to share this planet with other people. You helping them and they helping you! Let’s jump right to the chase, I made it here by the grace of God. And I was put here by God. I will live here on this earth until God takes me home. The planet will carry on by God and we will have made our mark on no matter how big or how small. I don’t want to have to say things like, “think about it” I don’t want to have to tell you anything that makes me sound like I don’t appreciate you, because I do, and no matter who you are or where you came from, I believe God is working His plan through you. My name is Donald Earl Henson. I am the author of a sci-fi novel titled “Kawhocumdia.” I have written a murder mystery titled, “The Bunny Trail Murder.” There is also a short book of some of the things I’ve written on my blog titled, “To Blog.” I’m now working on a novel titled, “How Far is the Sound of Love” which tell about Maggie and I. I don’t want to give any of it away but I hope you will start watching for it and keep it in mind to put on your reading list. Thank you and have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

The Pharms need this:

We don’t have a day that there is not laughter in our lives. After the sadness lingers on from whatever happens today, we still get it together to laugh. We together are not shallow, we individually are not shallow, we in a group are not shallow, we are what we make it. Someday someone is going to recognise that God has a plan and you are in it. He gives you the choice to accept Him and His Son Jesus Christ. When will you make the decision to accept Jesus as your Lord and Saviour? That is the question that I heard for the longest time, now it has been the longest time since I accepted Him. I am not the smartest there ever was, I’m not the brightest in a crowd at school. I am wise at work and do what has to be done. I am not calling on you to take care of me, I call on the Lord. He will either help you make the right decision about me or you will have made your choice on what it is to do with me. I cannot worry about all of the errors people make. I can only pray they have found God and pray they have accepted Jesus Christ. Maggie and I both need His help and I pray for His guidance every day. Through grace, we have found each other and God. We praise His name and give Him the glory. Amen.

One Year Ago Today, Where were You?

The thought came to me. How am I going to live without her now that I know she wants me back? After 50 years and so much had happened to us. Sometimes making the easiest choice is the hardest. I guess I need to explain that. It would have been so easy for me to have gone anywhere with Maggie if I had known she would have me and that she was available. She had loved me all of those years and I didn’t know it. I didn’t even know I had loved her from the beginning. Knowing what love is can make the difference in the love that you have and be being able to recognise what you have is what you want and need. She will always be what she always was, first and last. The moment she took me by the hand and led me upstairs to her room, I can’t explain it all because it was too magically delicious. Too mystifying for conventional wisdom in a 19-year-old, and now my memory is all that I have to express it. So, I’m not going to let some, (me), old guy ruin the romantic posture the love we made be given some half-charted course on just some story about another Romeo and Juliet. Now I live my life in the frozen time of some 50-49-48 or 47 years ago because we should have made it back together. It is working so awesomely, I still pinch myself to make sure it’s real and not a dream. I know, incredible right? Wow, to term a phrase so wackily put by John Denver. He just had to express himself, didn’t he? Sorry about that John D fans. May he rest in peace. God, I think he would have loved this. Far out man! Happy One Year Anniversary Baby! My Love! My Everything!

That City Out There…

You see that city out there? You can become part of it or you can be buried by it. It will eat you and you will never be found. I have tried to stay as calm as I can during all my trials and errors. I have tried to learn all that I can by reading everything I can about the subject. That being publishing and advertising after the book is written. The authors that have made it and they can’t even write use to pull at my craw and tangle my fancy footwork that I have been given naturally by the naturalist Himself, God. I know that sounds a little like an egotist barking about his own reach for glory and fame. Well, not really. Yes, I do want the success of being a famous author/writer and all that good stuff that comes with it. What I don’t want is the devil in my pocket or me in the devils. I can write but you see that is not all that it takes to become a paid author or a New York Times Best Selling Author. For the time that it takes for you to read this post another author will probably make it to the top of the heap. Not by his book going viral on FB or by him being just the greatest writer in the world or his content being the most interesting story ever written but simply by another cheap trick to make a lot of money by a lot of people. I’ve had the time in the trenches where I do a lot of posting on free ad places and websites that claim to spread your ad far and wide. But to bring me around again to another year of nothing. I do appreciate the attempts by a few friends and family to help the poor boy out by buying these books that are written about nonsensical things, I really do. Everyone have a great wonderful Thanksgiving.

The Bunny Trail Murder

Searching for his memory a writer finds himself lost and confused with who and what he is. He sets out on adventure looking for his past and finds more attacks on his life and more than he bargained for. Follow him on this journey of mystery and murder while he finds his love and his home. “The Bunny Trail Murder” it’s filled with on the edge of your seat adventure. A murder mystery by Donald E. Henson author of “Kawhocumdia” a sci-fi for all time.

Building Confidence As a …Writer (5) — Live to Write – Write to Live

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